My heart goes to the Koala bears in Australia

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Today, I don't have the heart to blather about new words and idioms.

Today, my heart goes to people in Australia and the wildlife struggling for life in the disaster.

The record-breaking bushfire in Australia has been burning since last September and intensified over the past few days into the new year, leaving 24 human fatalities and hundreds of homes destroyed.

Here is an illustration of the situation:

  • What is being done?

1. NSW (State of New South Wales) and the state of Queensland declared a state of emergency in Dec.

2. There are 2,300 firefighters working on the ground in NSW alone

3. More support is on the way -- the US, Canada, and New Zealand have sent additional firefighters to help.

4. The Australian Defence Force is assisting in firefighting efforts around the country.

5. Military is assisting in firefighting, searching and rescuing.

  • WHO is helping?

- the Salvation Army Australia (

- St Vincent de Paul Society

- the NSW RFS (Rural Fire Service) :

- the Victorian Country Fire Association

- South Australia's Country Fire Service (CFS)

- WIRES (Animal rescue service)

And many more.

Kangaroos are fleeing in horrified hops but there are animals that are not able to run that fast.

Australia's environment minister was quoted as saying "up to 30% of koalas killed in NSW mid-north coast fires". But it was in Nov last year when she said that.

The WWF estimates that as many as 2000 NSW koalas have already perished in these fires.

*WWF - Bushfire Emergency (

Ms. Toni Doherty was driving through the forest when she spotted a koala among the flames and heard it cry.

"I didn't realise they could cry out. It was just so heart-rending and I knew I needed to get him out of there as quickly as possible," said Ms Doherty.

She saved the 14-year old koala who was burnt all over its little body.

Not every koala is so lucky...

  • What can we do for them?

The Salvation Army (Australia) is working with State and Local government to determine the best way to provide support to affected communities.

Stay updated of the bushfires latest: