My Poems 01 — Office: SILO

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I have an office

A big one

Packed with staff like jam

They call it an open-space office

After removing all the panels and walls

That used to form offices

Many small ones

Inside a big office


They claimed

Is a barrier

That separates people

That inhibits communication

The walls must be gone

The panels must be pulled down

The space must be open

They call it an open-space office

With a thorough renovation

That cost millions

So be it

I still go to work at 8

Find my seat

I get to see strange faces all around me

Me around them too

No one cares to talk

Despite the proximity all this meant to be

No one talks

Yet everyone talks

To themselves

In the open-space that’s too huge to breathe in


I wondered

Must also mean —

Secluded Individuals in a Lonely Open space.