My English Journal 001- Resolution

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I've been thinking about starting journalling in English to go with my daily reading and learning.

The TOEFL test has played a big part in rekindling the learning desire in me, a passion long gone. I used to be so fond of reading and writing but now the fondness has become so inactive and sluggish.

I resent the way most of my coworkers live their days, paper shuffling with chitchat throughout the working hours. I just don't want to be like them to eat every day out just to await death (混吃等死):)

So many ideas would rumble into my head every afternoon near the knock-off time, so many things I am obsessed with, I just can't let it be.

Last week while on vacation, I took a morning to ponder on the plan to build a professional site which closely relates to my work. It was actually an old idea that I'd thought over and given up more than once. The site would be a directory of information important to sec pros like myself, a professional database that meets all their need in daily work. I know what I want it to be, but just need time to map it out clearly -- contents, depth, audience, promotion, adverts, server, domain name, maintenance, profit model etc.

Harvard has replied and it's clear now I cannot take the writing test before they receive my official TOEFL result. That's good because it gives me a breathing space to better prepare myself for the program. Still another exam is ahead -- CFE. Let's go get it before the CNY (Feb 15, 2018).

Go tiger!