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上周及本周在读的一本英文原著"The Book of Life"的第二部叫"The Book of love",第一部主要讲生命起源和健康,第二部讲婚姻和两性关系。是本大部头的好书



有一位Dr. Josh Axe专门有个教人禁食的网站,浏览了一下,感觉不错。


Axe医生倡议的禁食方法文章参见(点击链接直达原文):7 Benefits of Fasting + the Best Types of Fasting


How to Fast: 4 Steps

Ready to try a fast? Here’s how to make it easier.

1. Decide what type of fast you’re going to do.

I recommend easing in with time-restricted eating, starting with 12 hours of fasting. If that feels good after a few days, you can increase the fast to 14 hours and up to 18; I don’t recommend fasting for longer than that.

Have you fasted before? Then you might want to try a more ambitious fast, like alternate day fasting.

2. Set some goals.

What do you want to accomplish by fasting? Lose weight, be healthier, feel better, have more energy? Write it down and put it in a place you’ll see frequently during your fast.

3. Make a menu and stock the fridge.

Before beginning your fast, decide when you’re eating and what you’ll be eating then. Knowing this in advance takes the pressure off, especially if you feel like you may eat everything in sight “because you can.” As you become more used to fasting, you might find it’s unnecessary to sort out meals beforehand, but I find having a range of healthy food waiting for me in the fridge makes fasting a lot easier.

4. Listen to your body.

Fasting can take some time to get used to, as your body sheds old habits and learns new ones. But listen to your body! If you’re in hour 10 of 16 hours of fasting and feel like you absolutely need a snack, then have one. If your fasting time is up but you’re not hungry yet, wait until you are. There are no hard and fast rules here. You’re not “messing up.” You might find it helpful to jot down a sentence or two each day about how you felt; you might find that certain times of the  month or year, different types of fasts work better for you.


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